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The perks if being a Guru

Gurus, the virtual friends that are there for Seekers anytime then need an advise or guidance on something that’s on their mind. They are the ones that have all the answers on fields they are good at and know how to guide others.

They are the guiding angels of Seekers, the ones that make dreams come true.


When becoming a Guru you are not sharing just your wisdom and making friends, but the most important thing is that you are influencing and changing other’s peoples lives. Just think how awesome it is to be able to positively impact the life of someone you have never met in real life, that probably lives miles away in a different state or country.


As a Guru you will be the first to test new features of the platform and share your thoughts. We consider our Gurus our partners and value you feedback and opinions you share with us.


You are the brain of the platform and we thank you for that! 

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