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Seeker or Guru?

A lot of people tell us that’s it’s hard to decide what to choose between being a Seeker or being a Guru.  Well, one of the beauties of the platform is that you don’t have to choose between the two.

You can be a Seeker who needs guidance on a certain topic and in the same time you can be a Guru and advise people on another topic.

How cool is that, right?!


Human nature is so diverse and has so many aspects that we can’t be experts in all aspects and we can’t know it all. There’s always room for learning, testing, trying to do thinks differently so that we build our lives the way we want it to look.

So, you can use SeekGuru as a platform that’s there for you anytime you need guidance on something, anytime you want to learn something new or anytime you want to help and guide others at your turn.


If you think you can’t be a Guru, then it’s important to discover your expertise and this will give you super-wings, because it’s your inner power.

So, what are you a Guru at? Is it fortune telling or readings your thing? Is it Love and Relationships? Are you a master in Family advice topics?

If you are an outgoing type of person, you are open, friendly, intuitive and passionate about a subject, then why not start to help others, advise them while spending quality time by chatting online. 

If you are the one that your friends come running to for guidance and advice or just for a nice chat, then you are definitely a Guru. 


And when you need answers you become a Seeker.


Seeker and Guru go together hand in hand like Yin and Yang. 

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