What are the Gurus?

They are the masterminds that can help you see the light, find answers and live a happier life. 

What do I need to become a Guru?

All it takes is to be good and passionate about a certain topic. Something that you can pass on to others, guide them or give them advices.  Could be anything that crosses your mind! We all are Gurus at something, just think what’s your thing. 

How many Gurus can I chat to?

You have no limit in adding and contacting Gurus. You can chat to different Gurus in the same category or in different categories. The choice is yours. 

Can I be a Seeker and a Guru at the same time?

Yes you can! You can be a Guru in a certain category and be a Seeker in a different one. For example you’re a Guru in Readings but you seek guidance for Family matters. 

Is my conversation safe with SeekGuru?

We place great value on the privacy and intimacy of our users. Your conversations are 100% safe and backed.  We do not track our users and we don’t use their data for commercial purpose.