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Why helping others through advice actually helps

To give advice may prove easier at times than to seek advice. Advice is a very personal way of relating to others, originating from a sense of empathy. Relationship advice is the trickiest of advice, since many people find it difficult to open up and share their inner most thoughts and feelings. But it’s just that opening up that allows you to see things from a different or a fresher new perspective, so I always encourage the people around me to seek advice and not be afraid to be a little vulnerable. That’s where strength comes from. 

When giving advice, you try to understand the other’s problem, putting yourself in their shoes and analyzing the different perspectives of a certain situation. What I find is that when I put myself in someone else’s shoes even just for a moment, I am able to feel an instant connection to that person on a deeper level. And that translates into a better understanding of myself and my feelings in the long run. When sharing advice, empathy takes me on a journey into the thought processes of another person. I always weigh in that person’s past experiences, background and general influences in trying to understand and relate to their issue. Compassion is what drives sharing advice because we feel the other’s need to be comforted and understood. And acting on that sense of compassion is rewarding every time.

Many times when asking for advice we already have the answer within and want a chance to make that answer heard, give it voice. Many times it’s not even about what someone else is telling you, but about your own need to exteriorize your own conclusions and when helping others I do exactly that – offer a compassionate ear to make your inner voice heard.

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