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When your signs are not compatible, but your personalities are

Astrology interprets the integration of elements in the universe and views the individual, the planet and their surroundings as a single organism, in close correlation with each other. It’s a spiritual interpretation of our existence and many people take their horoscopes as guidelines in carrying out their daily lives. But what happens when the signs disagree with us? What if the zodiac says that the person we have fallen for is not right for us? Do we give in to the power of the skies or do we trust our own instincts?

In my view, I see the interpretation of the zodiac on a broader scale and whenever I am faced with such a dilemma, I choose to follow my instincts. Our instincts are also something that connects us to the universe. Following my instincts in such a situation also helps me avoid regret. And that’s a heavy feeling to have. I say that the Gods and the skies are there to protect us and provide guidance and advice to whom wants to listen, but I also think that they allow us to have a personal interpretation of things and decide for ourselves. After all, wisdom requires a flexible mind.

If, for instance, a Pisces is thought of as generally unfit for an Aries, I also consider the individuality of every being and take into account that we are not all bent in the same shape and form, but are made up of little particularities that make up our characters. Consider the little things that bind you together, the small elements that make the two of you click. Perhaps it’s just these particularities that we should consider and perhaps working to seek more about our particularities and those of our partner’s can build a healthy, happy relationship after all.

So it may be that the general rules applicable to one sign or another are not necessarily to be taken literally as we also have the Moon’s influence and the broader influence of each individual’s upbringing and background to consider when deciding who we fall in love with. Our hearts tend to know what’s best and we should not be afraid to follow it.

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