• Seduction manual for zodiac signs

    If you are smitten with an Aries you already know that their spirit is driven by Mars, the hot, red, active planet so it’s no surprise that their personalities are bold and vigorous. They are intelligent, strong, energetic and entrepreneurial beings and always eager for new experiences. 

  • Guidelines for a successful relationship – how can you get one in a few easy steps?

    No one is born a relationship guru, but we all strive to become one to some extent. Both for our own good and that of our relationships and for sharing our advice and guidelines with others, spreading the joy. 

  • Romantic versus realist in a relationship

    Every relationship has its stages. Early on, the focus of any relationship is getting to know our partner, establishing your common grounds, learning about their beliefs and desires in relation to yours. Later, the focus changes to building a strong foundation for your relationship based on the knowledge and common grounds set in the earlier stage. From there on, each relationship goes through several stages depending on the type of individuals engaged in that relationship.