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Seduction manual for zodiac signs

If you are smitten with an Aries you already know that their spirit is driven by Mars, the hot, red, active planet so it’s no surprise that their personalities are bold and vigorous. They are intelligent, strong, energetic and entrepreneurial beings and always eager for new experiences. If you seek to catch an Aries’s attention, be creative. They will always appreciate a daring new experience that appeals to their imaginative side. To conquer the heart of an Aries, you need to be original and creative.

The Taurus is affective, compassionate, practical and stable. When a Taurus falls in love it is forever given their sense of fidelity and ethics. They appreciate cultural events as their sign is ruled by Venus. In lovemaking, the Taurus is very passionate and tender. The Taurus is also known for being a creature of comfort, so they will always appreciate a bed full of pillows or freshly cut flowers and will surely always appreciate being showered with gifts.

The Gemini is witty and charming and often the center of attention, since Gemini is ruled by Hermes, the messenger of the Gods. The trick to catching a Gemini’s attention is to be fresh and creative, appealing to their curiosity and love of talking and learning about anything new. Gemini are great at communicating, particularly sharing emotions and thoughts. Gemini is symbolized by twins flying so setting limits on a Gemini is like trapping a bird in a small cage.

Since Cancer is a water sign, they love to plant roots. They are very sensitive and emotional beings who keep their families close. However, Cancers are also known for being moody since their ruler is the Moon, so make sure you take them slow. It may be tough to figure out how they feel about you in the beginning, but stick with them and their nurturing side will surely prevail.

The Leo is ruled by the Sun so Leos are very outgoing and loving. They certainly won’t go unnoticed when entering a room with their powerful presence. They are sexy and charismatic beings and love being noticed and respected by others. They are leaders, not followers and most likely to have a management role. They can also be jealous and possessive, so be prepared to dedicate lots of attention and time to them.

The Virgo is modest, meticulous and selective. They tend to worry, so make sure to first put their worries at ease if you want their attention. Dedicate your time to them and you will find a passionate and committed lover and always make sure you keep yourself a priority in their hectic schedules, since Virgos have never ending to-do lists.

Libra is the natural sign of partnership. Libras are devoted to their families and work hard to keep them content and united. They make a point out of always choosing the most just and equitable solutions, since they value justice. They love to socialize and keep busy social calendars so it will not be easy to keep up with them and capture their attention.

The Scorpion is symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes. They are passionate, determined, protective and drawn to power. Sex is very important for a Scorpio and they tend to not be happy unless they have their way in a relationship. It’s very hard to get a Scorpio to talk about their feelings, so sometimes you may have no idea what they are thinking. They are charming and strong individuals, but also very discrete and secretive. Passion and power are the way to a Scorpio’s heart.

The Sagittarius is very optimistic, curious and intelligent. They are drawn to travel, sometimes to the most exotic destinations, and are also very athletic. It is hard to get a Sagittarius to commit to you since they value their freedom and are very energetic. A Sagittarius needs to be challenged and stimulated by their partner and their very direct way of expressing themselves may sometimes be tough to accept.

The Capricorn lover is very ambitious and diligent and enjoys being part of a team. Having a strong social network is important to them. They are very good with money and like to have a successful partner by their side. Your challenge is to prove that you are what it takes to be that partner and support them in their ventures.

The Aquarius is highly independent and drawn to creativity. The Aquarius is always focusing on what’s ahead. They are into humanitarian activities and appreciate justice. They are charismatic, but do not choose anyone for their inner circle. You need to be prepared to accept that friendships are very important to them and always work to keep things interesting and fresh. They value reason over emotion in an argument.

The Pisces are very creative and sensitive. Neptune makes them brilliant at expressing themselves in symbols and gestures. They have a strong ability to understand others and this makes them very attractive. They are very romantic, compassionate and gentle to their partners and provide great advice. It is important not to rush the Pisces as they like to analyze all the sides of a situation before making a move and they are sometimes easily hurt. 

Dec 03, 2017

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