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Here is a bit about SeekGuru – We put together smart gurus with people looking for answers to chat online!


Did you ever felt the need to chat online to smart people that are really good at something? Or did you felt the need to make the most out of your assets?

We did!

And we put all this under a single name: SeekGuru!

SeekGuru is the first online marketplace where your assets and knowledge are really valued and where you can get benefits out of them. By joining us, you can become a Guru and earn extra money if you are good at a certain topic.

Is it fortune telling or readings your thing? Is it Love and Relationships? Are you a master in Family  advice topics?

If you are an outgoing type of person, you are open, friendly, intuitive and passionate about a subject, then why not start to monetize this while spending quality time and helping others by chatting online.

If you are the one that your friends come running to for guidance and advice or just for a nice chat, then you are definitely a Guru.

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SeekGuru is also the first online marketplace where you can find real gurus to chat online about topics that interest you. As a Seeker, you have access to smart and friendly Gurus to chat online. The perks of being a seeker are not only linked to finding answers and guidance on things that affect your life but also spending time talking with smart people, gurus that will not be accessible otherwise, learning new things, having fun and changing your like for better in small, un-risky steps.

How does it work? Really simple.Sign in as a Guru or as Seeker, build your profile, then start getting in touch and chatting on topics that you’re interested in.

What are the Gurus? They are the masterminds that can help you see the light, find answers and live a happier life.

As you read this, we are working hard to bring SeekGuru to life!

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